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New and Custom Homes Renovations
New and Custom Homes Renovations
Somenos Construction has been building custom homes for 25 years in the Cowichan Valley and Gulf Islands, including Saltspring Island. We offer general contracting and design build services. We also subscribe to the principles of “green building”. We make an effort to reduce the impact on the environment by minimizing waste and assisting in selecting the most appropriate site locations.

We recognize every client has individual needs and expectations. We establish budget parameters accordingly and ensure these expectations are met. We tailor contracts to meet the needs of each client which include lump sum contract, cost plus and design build. We believe a new home should be an exciting and enjoyable experience.

Our renovation experience is extensive. We have renovated numerous heritage homes, as well as completing several heritage restorations. Interior and exterior changes, whether homes are new or old are approached so as to minimize disruption, especially should the owner continue to live in the home. We always strive to deliver a finished product that matches the existing building, when appropriate, or attains the “new look” so often sought by the renovation clients. We listen to our clients requests and ideas and assist with plans and budgets at the pre-construction stage. We provide experienced workers and subtrades, who understand the scope of the work required which ensures budget expectations and timelines are maintained. We strive to deliver an exciting and enjoyable experience.
Sitework & Landscaping Commercial
Sitework and Landscaping Commercial
We believe sitework is key to any successful build or renovation. With adequate advance planning design and budgets can address the individual needs of each site. We strive to establish an understanding of the client’s expectations and accommodate these requirements in the planning, design, budget and ultimately the build. Somenos Construction has more than 20 years of commercial building and renovation experience. We have constructed numerous buildings in excess of 10,000 square feet. We are familiar with and welcome architectural design formats. We have worked with a variety of consultants and architects in a variety of formats. We always strive to deliver an efficient and cost effective build or renovation.We have extensive experience with interior renovations of existing buildings. Often these are in the form of a “tenant improvement”. We are familiar with the challenges of working around an existing business which continues to operate throughout a renovation.
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